Trouble loading games?

You should verify that your version of Adobe Flash is up to date, which you can do at this website: If your Flash is up to date, you might consider changing browsers. Both Firefox and Chrome are popular within our players. If you are using one of those browsers, you may want to verify that it is up to date. You can do so at these links:

To help prevent your game from freezing in the future, you might want to adjust your game resolution. This can be done by clicking the gear shaped icon on the top bar in the lobby and changing it from HIGH to MED or LOW. Lowering the resolution will reduce the number of animations in your game, which helps the game run better on certain computer systems.

We also recommend that you regularly clear your cache, and completely close and re-open your browser. It's best if you don't have multiple browser tabs or browser windows open, as this can reduce the amount of memory available to the game.


If you have continued trouble loading games, please email with a screenshot and your Player info. 

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