Tournament info and results

Every tournament has a set of  ‘Entry Bets,’ or a certain number of credits you have to pay to participate. Everyone in the same tournament competes against each other, regardless of the 'Entry Bet' selected, however the prize a player can win is determined by their 'Entry Bet.'  If you select a High 'Entry Bet,' your Max Prizes will be much higher than if you select a lower 'Entry Bet.'

Once you’ve paid the 'Entry Bet' you’re in!  You will not have to wager any additional credits within the tournament.

Because you have already paid your entrance fee, you won’t have to pony up any additional credits during the tournament.  The game automatically plays all lines at a predetermined bet.  If the time runs out before you can complete all of your spins we will auto spin them for you so you don’t miss out on your prize. 

 As soon time runs out in the tournament you joined, winners are awarded their prize via a pop-up anywhere in the app.  Other players can check on their rank by going to the tournament summary screen, or by clicking on their tournament player card.
If time expires in the tournament before you finish your spins, we will automatically auto-spin the remainder of your spins for you so you don’t miss out on your prize.
If you get disconnected in the middle of a tournament, just sign back into H5C while there is still time remaining, and you will be able to pick up where you left off.  If time expires before you can get back in, we will automatically auto spin your remaining spins for you so you don’t miss out on your prize.
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