The gift center is located at the bottom of your casino lobby. In your gift center, you can see the number of gifts you have available to send to your friends and the number of gifts that were sent to you from your friends. Get more information by clicking on the information button labeled 'i' within your gift center.

If you play High 5 Casino, High 5 Vegas, Electri5 Casino, CATS Casino or Golden Goddess Casino connected to a Facebook account from Desktop, iOS or Android devices you have access to the GIft Center. 

You can send  each friend one gift a day in each casino. However, if they’ve already received the max number gifts in one day from other friends, you will not be able to send them a gift. You will have to wait for the following day to send them a gift as long as they’ve claimed their gifts from the previous day. 

In High 5 Casino you can send up to 5 gifts a day. 

In High 5 Vegas, Electri5 Casino, CATS Casino or Golden Goddess Casino  you can send up to 3 gifts a day. 

To open the gifts, just visit the Gift center and select open. Once you press open all available gifts will be awarded to your account! 

On High 5 Casino You can receive up to 5 gifts per day. 

On High 5 Vegas, Electri5 Casino, CATS Casino and Golden Goddess Casino you can receive up to 10 gifts per day.

All gift amounts are random so be sure to collect them all!

You can take as long as you need to collect your gift(s). However, we encourage you to collect your gifts daily so that you can receive more the next day!

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